After Google Readers Death

I skived collecting information after Google reader’s death. This is because it’s a little pain to transfer to new scheme.

I’ve used Reeder for a long time in Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I completely got used to use it and can’t change another App. But I can’t understand what Reeder says

For a while, I used article recommendation service like Gunosy or Hanate Hot Entry based on machine learning of my personal taste at SNS. Gunosy is evil, they tell me very very favorite article. I can’t get what I really need. It’s almost “The Filter Bubble” written by Eli Pariser.

So I set up information collecting scheme again. I used below services;

And I installed Google Chrome extensions;

As a result, in Feedly, I can move with command j or k and open article in background tab by h. It’s almost like Reeder’s operation.

While reading articles in Feedly or twitter, I send it to Pocket if I want to read it later. In mobile, I just send article with interest to Pocket. It’s good point that Pocket is able to connect many Apps.

From Pocket,

  1. Send to kippt for bookmarking
  2. Send to Evernote for recoding all article
  3. Send to Kindle through Readability to read it more carefully

To send article to Kindle through Readability, I used my IFTTT’s recipe and Readability function. In addition to this, archiving artless order than 5days not to store too many article in inbox. ( I tried Instapaper’s functions to send article to kindle, But images were not unfolded and character encoding problem was happened.)

I’m gonna try to read daily articles by this scheme for a while and continue to improve.